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Specializing in Commerical Cleaning Across Northern Utah.

From Weber County to the Wasatch Back, we've got you covered.

Davis County

  • Bountiful
  • Centerville
  • Farmington
  • Kaysville
  • Layton
  • South Weber

Wasatch Back

  • Heber City
  • Kamas
  • Oakley
  • Park City
  • Snyderville
  • Summit Park

Weber County

  • Eden
  • Huntsville
  • Liberty
  • Ogden
  • North Ogden
  • South Ogden

Our Services

Discover the difference with our specialized cleaning solutions, designed to meet every need with our eco-friendly approach.

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Residential Cleaning

Too Busy to Clean? Let Wasatch Bubbles & Shine Handle It!

Life's too short to spend it scrubbing and dusting. Let our expert cleaners at Wasatch Bubbles & Shine take care of your home, so you can enjoy more of what you love. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals will leave your house sparkling clean, impressing even the toughest critics. With our services, you’re not just getting a clean home—you’re investing in a healthier, happier living environment. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and hello to a spotless sanctuary. Book us today and reclaim your free time!

What’s Included in Our Residential Cleaning Service?

  • Use of eco-friendly, professional-grade cleaning products on all hard surfaces.
  • Thorough dust and debris removal from every surface.
  • Detailed cleaning of baseboards.
  • Cleaning of light fixtures.
  • Comprehensive bathroom scrubbing and sanitizing.
  • Vacuuming (HEPA) of carpets, hardwood, and upholstery.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Need a Spotless Office? Let Wasatch Bubbles & Shine Do the Work!

A clean and professional-looking office is essential for creating a positive impression on clients and fostering a productive work environment. At Wasatch Bubbles & Shine, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine workspace and offer comprehensive office cleaning services tailored to meet your needs.

What’s Included in Our Office and Commercial Cleaning Service?

  • Dusting and cleaning workstations and office cubicles
  • Cleaning ceilings, windows, glass surfaces, and doors.
  • Wiping down steel and wooden surfaces.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning floors, including cafeterias and kitchen facilities.
  • Cleaning switchboards and electronic equipment.
  • Vacuuming (HEPA) and cleaning office upholstery, furniture, and carpets.
  • Detailed cleaning of all cabinets.
  • Wet mopping or dry mopping floors according to client preferences.
  • Janitorial cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces and frequently touched areas.
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cleaning the shrubs with a vaccuum

Occupancy Cleaning

Need a Spotless Space Ready for Occupancy? Let Wasatch Bubbles & Shine Do the Work!

Preparing to move out of your current space? Ensure you leave it spotless for your move-out inspection and protect your security deposit. Wasatch Bubbles & Shine offers expert move-out cleaning services, making your transition effortless. Our specially-trained team provides thorough and sustainable cleaning, giving you peace of mind during your move.

What’s Included in Our Office and Commercial Cleaning Service?

  • Dusting every surface before sweeping and vacuuming (HEPA) all floors.
  • Cleaning and wiping all cabinets, drawers, and baseboards.
  • Scrubbing and sanitizing bathrooms and toilets.
  • Cleaning sinks and all countertops.
  • Thoroughly cleaning kitchen surfaces and appliances.
  • Spot-cleaning doors, windows, and frames.


Don't break the budget with your competitive pricing schedule.


Starting at $120

  • Tailored to Business Needs: Office spaces, retail, and more.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Advanced techniques for a healthier workplace. 
  • Professional Team: Expertly Trained to handle any commercial setting. 


Starting at $500

  • Thorough Cleanup: Safely removing construction residue.
  • Ready for Occupancy: Transforming sites into pristine spaces.
  • Eco-Conscious Methods: Sustainability at the core of our cleanup process.


Starting at $80

  • Customized Plans: Services to fit every home and lifestyle.
  • Safe & Eco-Friendly: Non-toxic products for your peace of mind.
  • Detail-Oriented: From regular upkeep to deep cleaning, we cover it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a cleaning or consultation directly here

Post-construction cleanup involves thoroughly cleaning a newly built or renovated space to remove dust, debris, and any residual construction materials. This process ensures that the area is safe, clean, and ready for occupancy. It's important because it not only enhances the appearance of the property but also improves air quality and removes potential hazards, making the space comfortable and safe for its new occupants.

Our company complies with an eco-friendly approach and ensures our main products are eco-conscious. 

We hold all necessary licensing and insurance policies in the state of Utah. Please email [email protected] for a certificate.